Diabetes patients suffering from hypoglycemia and how to prevent it

The reason why hypoglycemia happened:

1. Improper diet: diabetics must abstemious food correctly, and improper diet can cause hypoglycemia.

2. Movement in the healing process improper: reasonable exercise can help hypoglycemic, but carry momentum is too big, can use up more glucose, if not reduced correspondingly glucose-lowering drugs is easy to cause hypoglycemia. Continue reading “Diabetes patients suffering from hypoglycemia and how to prevent it” >

Low glycemic foods to control diabetics

Diabetes is a kind of easy to cause complications of chronic metabolism disease, it’s complications included retinopathy, stroke, kidney failure, whose limbs pins and needles, limbs, cardiovascular diseases, etc. In order to control diabetes, diet therapy isn’t just eat less, don’t eat! Can choose low fat cooking way, such as boiled, roasted, baked, stewed, steamed or by microwave oven cook, and don’t eat decoct, fry of greasy food. Meanwhile, try to eat fresh food. Continue reading “Low glycemic foods to control diabetics” >