Diabetes patients suffering from hypoglycemia and how to prevent it

The reason why hypoglycemia happened:

1. Improper diet: diabetics must abstemious food correctly, and improper diet can cause hypoglycemia.

2. Movement in the healing process improper: reasonable exercise can help hypoglycemic, but carry momentum is too big, can use up more glucose, if not reduced correspondingly glucose-lowering drugs is easy to cause hypoglycemia.

3. Glucose-lowering measures overpowered oral glucose-lowering medications or whether by insulin therapy, if glucose-lowering therapeutic doses may cause hypoglycemia too.

4. Drug effects: certain drugs can strengthen the lowering blood sugar cross-reactivity functions, such as sulfa drugs, salicylic acid salt, some antibiotics, receptor blockers (such as propranolol), etc.

5. The ethanol (alcohol: wine called alcohol) can reduce the body itself glucose generated. Drinking too much can often cause hypoglycemia.

Diabetes patients how to prevent hypoglycemia:

How do people with diabetes usually prevent hypoglycemia? Diabetes diet is very important. Diabetics once produce hypoglycemia, get timely treatment is very important. Most patients can quickly corrected by eating, therefore application and sulfonylurea glucose-lowering drug treatment for diabetes patients should carry sugary food ready to save his life.

Usually how to prevent hypoglycemia? Contains diabetes diet contains around 15g glucose are: 1 cup of juice or soft drinks, 3 flat teaspoon sugar, 3 ~ 5 pieces of candy. If you don’t work, 5 ~ 10 minutes, then repeat eating carbohydrates. Such as bread, steamed bread, etc in case happening again hypoglycemia. Through above save his life. The lighter hypoglycemia generally in 15 minutes, if failed to ease can alleviate with afore-mentioned food again. If still not ease, should be to hospital treatment.

So, usually, how to prevent hypoglycemia? Below are some good diabetes mellitus dietary advice:

1. Insulin injections 15 ~ 30 minutes after timely meal.

2. Between meals can tome. Carry momentum is too big to tome should pay attention to.

3. To prevent sleep late night hypoglycemia adds. Tome of food can be for cookies and milk and eggs, etc.

4. When going out, carry a few patients with sweets, for emergencies.

5. Carry little CARDS that their condition, in order to get help from others.

Above is the prevention of hypoglycaemia methods.

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