Low glycemic foods to control diabetics

Diabetes is a kind of easy to cause complications of chronic metabolism disease, it’s complications included retinopathy, stroke, kidney failure, whose limbs pins and needles, limbs, cardiovascular diseases, etc. In order to control diabetes, diet therapy isn’t just eat less, don’t eat! Can choose low fat cooking way, such as boiled, roasted, baked, stewed, steamed or by microwave oven cook, and don’t eat decoct, fry of greasy food. Meanwhile, try to eat fresh food.

The significance of diet therapy is: 1, maintaining a healthy weight; 2, maintain nutrient balance; Three, control blood sugar.

Low glycemic foods vegetarian diet, including mainly on plant fruits, vegetables, grains and beans, fast food such as meat and dairy products, etc. But insists vegetarian cookbooks people usually exist vitamin B12 lack the danger, so will give them added B12.

Low glycemic foods vegetarian diet represents the current diabetes mellitus dietary important shift, because this does not exist on calories, carbohydrates such restrictions, some patients may be more easy to persist.

Someone mistook, patients with diabetes even the fruit also cannot eat, is actually, people with diabetes also can eat fruit, the following teach you hypoglycemia fruits and vegetables edible:

Low glycemic foods – fruit: The fruit of the highest sugar content is dry jujubes, longan and persimmon, should not as the preferred food, fruit of diabetes myrtle therapeutic.

Low glycemic foods – vegetables: the balsam pear, pumpkin, vegetables, onion. Pumpkin, pectin content of soluble fiber pectin is a kind of, in gastrointestinal was not digest. Because in the intestines and stomach and starch pectin carbohydrate components sol material that starch sample digestion absorption, obviously decrease the slow postprandial glucose role. Balsam pear and guava also has the function of lowering blood sugar, with similar action of insulin. Some herbs have fall blood sugar role, such as north Qi, medlar, dwarf lilyturf, yam etc. You can choose to eat more fish and vegetables, such as cabbage, balsam pear, Onions, green beans are a good choice. As for bean products such as dried bean, tofu etc food also can eat frequently. In addition, patients with diabetes diet right outside the heaviest if maintain stable mood calm, do not often is in a state of anxiety and tension to control blood sugar, a disadvantage.

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